No Date? No Problem.

Valentines day is fast approaching and you are single and dateless. How would you face your February 14? Don’t be sad. You are never alone. Here are


5 great ideas on spending your Valentines day as a single woman.


  1. Night out with girlfriends

    Gather your single and dateless friends to go on a night out. How about stargazing at Pag-asa observatory? or a visit at the amusement park? You can do anything or go anywhere with your girlfriends. You don’t need to avoid the fancy restaurants, you can even have your table reserved for your “date”.

  2. Movie marathon with your family

    Surely, mom and dad decided to stay at home to avoid the busy season. What about bringing home some movies and popcorn and go on a movie marathon with them? They’ll surely love to spend time with you too. You can bring some classic or romantic comedy movies whatever you think they will like.

  3. Join a travel group

    What is more exciting that traveling with complete strangers? What about joining a travel group going on surfing or mountain climbing. It will also be a good opportunity for you to meet new friends or your “forever”.

  4. Attend a blind dating event

    As an empowered woman, we should be bold enough to try new things. Get out of your comfort zone. Join a blind dating event, not to have a date but to open up yourself on the things that you are afraid of. You will be for the experience. Surely you’ll have fun!

  5. Quiet time with yourself

    How about dating yourself? A quite time or a prayer time? You can go to mass or have tea-time in your room. This is to celebrate our own self, to feel that our happiness do not depend on other people but because we are happy with ourselves. We should enjoy being with ourselves on quiet times. Write on your journal or play that instrument that you miss playing. For sure, you will have a great time.

Always remember, Valentine’s day is no big deal. We can always choose to love everyday. We may be single, but it doesn’t make us incapable of loving. Continue loving your family , friends, your life, your job, your colleagues and especially, never forget to love yourself.

Happy Valentines Day!



  1. “Your not sick. Your just single.” On behalf of my male gender, I apologize for our negligence on this holiday. Stay strong ladies! You are all awesome, and I hope someday, someone, will be smart enough to notice.


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